Zoe Bible Church Pastor Elevated to the Office of Archbishop

The International Bishops’ Conference, Inc. (USA) presented the Elevation, Inauguration and Enthronement Service for Archbishop Gladstone Zimasile Solomon Botwana at Zoe Bible Church Pimville in Soweto, South Africa November 9, 2019.

After a spirited time of praise and worship, and Homily shared by +I+B+C+, Inc.’s Presiding Prelate, Archbishop Allen T.D. Wiggins, Bishop GZS Botwana, accompanied by Judge President F.D. Kgomo, approached the Archiepiscopals to begin the elevation service. “What a glorious and accurate fulfillment of a prophecy received 21 years ago,” said Archbishop Botwana. “two, great yet humble, servants of God in the persons of His Eminence Archbishop Wiggins and Archbishop Emeritus Bailey, were used of God to bring the prophecy to fruition by elevating and enthroning me as Archbishop of South Africa Region SADC.”

Thousands of celebrants, including the family of Botwana, witnessed as the Archiepiscopals, Archbishop Wiggins and Archbishop Emeritus LeRoy Bailey, Jr. conferred their grace upon GZS Botwana. “What a momentous occasion it was to present the pallium to the new Archbishop.” said Archbishop Bailey. “Wear the pallium as part of your Holy garments within your governing jurisdiction as a distinction of your assignment.”

Archbishop Bailey implored the new Archbishop, reminding him to, “Embrace the mindset of the shepherd who picks up and carries wounded or lost sheep around his neck. It [the pallium] is a reminder of your service to the Church of Jesus Christ.”

As Presiding Prelate Wiggins presented the Episcopal Medallion, he shared his distinct honor in having presented the very first Archbishop’s Episcopal Medallion to Archbishop Emeritus Bailey. He expressed a heightened sense of honor to bestow upon Archbishop Botwana, the second Episcopal Medallion which uniquely bears the colors of the South Africa Region SADC. The sacred pendant “symbolizes victory, as a prince in the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Wiggins explained.

The awe-inspiring elevation service filled with hallelujahs and singing, was not complete without a charge to the members and affiliates connected to Zoe Bible Church and GRAPO (Global Restoration of Apostolic and Prophetic Order). “I charge you to respect, recognize, respond to and reinforce the appointment of Bishop Gladstone Botwana as the Archbishop and Presiding Prelate of Zoe Bible Church and GRAPO, and its affiliates,” said Wiggins. “I charge you to be present, purposeful, and prophetic.” A resounding affirmation was heard as the members jubilantly shouted praises unto God Almighty. “Ku nje nje nje kwenze ubani!” [It is the way it is! Who did it all?] These words, along with their emphatic confirmation that, “Jesus did it!” encapsulated their acceptance of the elevation, inauguration and enthronement of new Archbishop GZS Botwana.

Lady Deborah Wiggins and Lady Reathie Bailey, wives of the +I+B+C+, Inc. (USA) Archbishops, were both honored to esteem Lady Rose Botwana with a gift only presented to wives of Bishops and Archbishops of the International Bishops’ Conference, Inc. “Welcome to the sisterhood.” Lady Wiggins said.

Archbishop Botwana’s elevation proves that God continues to advance His kingdom work. Starting with the establishment of +I+B+C+, Inc. Headquarters – South Africa Region (SADC), the momentum of +I+B+C+, Inc. is accentuated by plans underway for the consecration of two new bishops in 2020 —Bishop-Elect LeBaron Hedgemon (Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship, Meridian, MS and Bishop-Elect Derrick L. McRae, Experience Christian Center, Orlando, FL). The International Bishops’ Conference is also gearing up for its 2020 Conference, “Building,” July 12-14, 2020 in Orlando, Florida.